Story Design

This document is a spoiler!

Do not read on, unless you want to spoil the game and future story of the game for yourself.

if you are PR, we kindly ask you not to share any of this publicly

The Meta Story

The meta story centralizes around 3 key questions, which the user is to answer for themselves, but guided through stories of other characters the player finds on the train

What is the Train?

Why am I on this train?

What am I meant to do?


How the train affects you.

Greed as it affect self.

Self control.



Sub-themes for character stories

Design notes

Interactions for story telling



Game Play


Ending a story


Stage 1 - Basic Story Telling - Short Term (weeks)

Stage 2 - Event Carriages & Decisions- Mid Term (months)

Stage 3 - Decay effect - Long Term

Story Structure

The story is told through a series of notes left by characters the user finds in the train.

How the stories are made and different elements relate to each other

Characters, Stories, Structure, Themes, Letters, Pages

COVID-19 Commentary

Rules of the Story

Infinite Train

No Origins & Purpose

A VR Train never mentioning VR

Dungeon Train

Protagonists are Players

Players Find Theiy Own Answers


The current stories, and their structure


Story Syntax for importing

The syntax the stories need to be in, for the game importer to read them

A big thanks to Wilson Taylor, for co-designing this story with me