Brennan Hatton

Lead Designer & Developer

Brennan is the Designer & Developer of Dungeon Train. Brennan has been building games & virtual worlds for over a decade, being involved in 100's of projects. He has worked with over 50 of the worlds biggest companies in 12 different countries. He is the Co-Founder and CTO at Equal Reality, creating empathy, diversity and inclusion training in virtual reality to step into the shoes of minorities and experience discrimination. His work has earned him numerous awards and recognition, including:

  • JFF Labs 2020 Innovator To Watch
  • Forbes 30 under 30 2019 Social Entrepreneur
  •’s Invention Of The Year 2019
  • ILP's Learning Technology of the Year 2019
  • Halcyon Social Impact Fellow
  • Remarkable Inclusive Tech Alumni
  • Optus Future-Maker
  • Develop Pacific 30 under 30, 2019.
  • Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Grant Recipient.
  • DevDiner’s Emerging Tech Inspiration for 2017
  • DevDiners Top AR Inspiration for 2016
  • UoW Alumni Magazine Featured Student, The Outlook.

You can read more about Brennan 's story here

Wilson Taylor

Narrative Director

Wilson Taylor is a video game writer who has brought laughter, romance, and tears to multiple millions of people globally with his inventive narratives. His work ranges from video games to books, comics & visual novels.

His most celebrated work, the critically acclaimed visual novel Animal Lover is hailed by critics and players alike, holding 90% positive rating on Steam, and described by Kotaku as a game that "knows how to make you laugh, but it will also break your heart."

Wilson has an upcoming game, Deep Night Detective, a monochromatic side-scrolling sleuth-'em-up with a detective noir edge.


Virtual Interaction Developer

BNG plays a key role in developing and supporting the virtual interactions for Dungeon Train. With over a decade of development experience. His work Virtual Reality Interaction Framework enables developers all over the world to create more interactive virtual reality projects. The community he has cultivated around his work holds him in high-regard for his attention to support ensuring quality of work.

BNG is the developer of Super Voxel World a creative, multiplayer sandbox game. An impressive procedural generated world, where players can build their own games inside of it.

Colton Lawson

Computer Graphics Intern

Colton has been programming games and learning 3D Computer Graphics since the age of 9. He is a quick learner with the ability to understand complex ideas. He wants to build upon his years of programming experiences with multiple languages to develop VR and AI technologies.

Colton is supporting the optimization and developed of 3D Computer Graphics Art through creating his own open source assets to be used public by games such as Dungeon Train.