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Development Priorities


  • Update to Unity2020

  • Update VRIF

  • Remove Old Packages

This will make item interaction (grabbing )better

It will also mean I can do things like backpacks

Waiting on VRIF Update


  • 3D Models of NPCs

    • Randomly generated

  • Make them say things

    • "I'm being worked on"

    • Random things

    • Interactive Dialogue

  • Basic Animations

    • Idle

    • Ik - Looks at user

  • Make new humanoid enemies work

    • Idle

    • Speak

  • Can give you things

    • Things appear in front of them

    • "Trade"

    • Drop things when killed

    • Animations

This update is first indented for the story, but will lead into combat and shops.

Waiting on NPC Update

Combat V1

  • 3D Models of enemies

  • Make new humanoid enemies work

    • Can walk

    • Attack

    • Die

  • Combat system based on item damage rating.

  • Drop things

This means no more slimes for now. Once I am happy with the enemy system, Once I start adding more than one, I will probably add about10+ but make all similar combat styles until next update.

Waiting on Combat Update V1

Items System

  • Make item storage

    • Backpacks

    • Belts

  • Make items wearable

Waiting on Combat Update V1

Weapons System V2

  • Two Handed Weapons

  • Make Weapons have stats

Waiting on Combat Update V1

Combat V2

  • Basic Audio

  • Path finding

  • Different classes of enemies

Waiting on Combat Update V2

Combat V3

  • Different attack types

Waiting on Weapons System Update V2


  • Potions do stuff

    • Magic Damage?

    • Healing?

    • Give you Abilities?

Combat V4

  • Non-humanoid (Dragons?)


Scene Setting

First Story



Designing Overarching Plot

Writing sub-stories

Waiting on NPC

Narrative - Character

Without model

Faulhurst 3D Model


Book V2

  • Book replaces start paper

  • Items have descriptions

    • Items description generation

  • Narration

  • Make interactions with book smoother

    • Book is droppable

    • Book is functional without holding it.

  • Make book no have to be held

    • Make it float around you

  • Replace coin pouch with book

  • Display Weapons Status (waiting on Weapons Update)

  • Display User Status

  • More items descriptions

Waiting on Book Update & VRIF Update


  • Button Changes

    • Teleport to A/X

  • Grab Hold / Toggle

  • Switching Hands Options

Waiting on VRIF Update & Controls UPdate

Other Platforms

  • PCVR

  • WebVR

Waiting on Narrative Update

Book Update

NPC Update

Item Stats Update


  • Buy and sell items

  • Fits Story

Waiting on Book Update V2

Books Items

Waiting on Book Update V2

  • Books do stuff

    • Have content inside them


First version of procedural soundtrack

Not Started


  • Make Settings Page in book

  • Settings for

    • Audio

    • Controls This is Controls Update

      • Turn on/off teleport/walk

      • Control Assignment (May take some time)

      • Grab Hold / Toggle

      • Switching Hands Options


Stuff that is happening slowing, progress is made when I get energy, but I need a break from it or I'll burn out,

Underway - More exciting stuff happening.

Environment Updates

  • Cliff Top Environment

  • Space Landscape

  • More Landscapes

Underway - Takes a lot of energy.

Bug Fixing

  • Falling Off Train

  • Items

    • Disappearing when entering cart

    • Falling through train

No Started- Is tricky.


  • Users can add their own items

    • Remove dependencies

    • Make importing work

Not Started - prioritizing combat and narrative instead


  • Rewards for completing them (I dont want to lock people from cart progression)

  • Build puzzle system

  • Brainstorm ideas



Video Trailer

  1. Design Video Trailer

  2. Film Video Trailer

    • Find process to get more footage

  3. Draft Edit

  4. Finalize Edit

  5. Publish

    • YouTube

    • Social Media

    • Websites (Itch, Sidequest Patreon etc)


Website Update

  1. Roadmap

    • First Draft

  2. Home Page

Not Started

Discord Redesign

  1. Make less channels to start with

  2. Make more roles to access channels

  3. Clearer welcome post with links

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