Story Syntax

This document is a spoiler!

Do not read on, unless you want to spoil the game and future story of the game for yourself

Story Formatting for importing


Example File for formatting

Character: Name of Character

Story: Name of Story

"Character:" and "Story" will be imported for editor purposes. It is not used in the actual game (but we could if we wanted to). Both will read until end of line. Order not important

Everything else before "Letter One" will be ignore by the system. Feel free to include notes to the game designer.

Letter One-

Everything follow this is the letter contents.

Letter Two-

It will remove white space and new lines at the start & end of the letter

(but no in the middle),

so you can do space as you see fit.

Note to Will, Let me know if this needs to change.

letter 3-

"Letter" must be first (non space) characters on its line. Capitalization doesnt matter

Letter four-

Letter headers must end in "-". Blank space before does not matter, but it must be the last character on the line

Letter FIVE-

If a Letter headers does not have a "-" 12 characters after the word letter, it will be assumed to be a line of the previous letter, and not read as a header

Letter 06-

What comes after the word "Letter" doest actually matter, it can be a number, word, anything, as long as the '-' is 12 within the next characters. The system doesnt read the number, it just assumes letters are in order.

You can call every letter "Letter -" and it will work.


Including Alt on its own line, provides an alternative letter for that number. So this counts as a second optoins for Letter 06