Design Rules

This document is a spoiler!

Do not read on, unless you want to spoil the game and future story of the game for yourself

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Rules of the Dungeon Train Universe

Infinite Train

  • The train is infinite. It does not loop, repeat or restart
  • The train is 4 dimensional. It can fold in on itself, similar to Infinity Train or The Tardis.
  • It exists in no-one space or location.

No Origins & Purpose

  • There is no known purpose or origins to the train.
  • There can be speculation.

A VR Train never mentioning VR

  • The train only exists in VR (as a game), but everything appears as if it has its own history unrelated to VR.
  • There is never a mention of VR, or the train only existing in VR.
  • Characters create lore and stories that suggest the train has a story.
  • Only physics based interactions. No flat interfaces. - To make it feel less game-y.

Dungeon Train

  • Medieval/Hipster Fantasy Aboard A Train
  • The dungeon is the more recognizable aspect of the train and the game. WHATEVER we do, we should be leaning MORE than 50% on that aesthetic.
  • Mixing early Americana into it because the train itself already lends itself to the idea of long metal tracks reaching their way across the new world
  • The NPCs existing WITHIN the universe of "The Game", or the Anti-Meta
  • Players of the game are Modern Characters, but they play withing the game as characters within the universe of the game.

Protagonists are Players

  • Meta characters will remain a set of characters within the modern world who are all experiencing this app on their VR headset.
  • But we'll add a coat of ambiguity over that (As in it's not literally an app, it's more symbolic of the escapism and journey that VR proves)
  • all characters leaving the notes could fit the profile of just another VR gamer playing the game. While suggesting that is not the case.
  • Characters exist in the modern time-frame: People living in the 21st century reacting to, essentially "The Game". The Meta.
  • Each characters have their own struggles and journey personal to them, but they are all trying to understand
    • What is the train
    • Why are you on the train
    • What is the purpose of being on the train

Players Find Their Own Answers

The questions are never directly answered

    • What is the train
    • Why are you on the train
    • What is the purpose of being on the train

Designed by Brennan Hatton & Wilson Taylor