Story Mile Stones


Stage 1 - Basic Story Telling - Short Term (weeks)

Tell a story with notebooks. - Just like in the first cart, but throughout the game

Initially we will design 3 Characters, and 3 stories.

One story will be shown per run / restart.

Every few carts, you come across a story cart. A cart that is visually different from the rest, themed to the character-story for this run, and contains information of the story for this character.

Stage 2 - Event Carriages & Decisions- Mid Term (months)

Procedural story of the players choices.

Simple choices that affect later carriages.

Stage 3 - Decay effect - Long Term (?)

The world around you changes slowly as you play the game based on the choices you make. It can either decay, or come to life.

A big thanks to Wilson Taylor, for co-designing this story with me