Design References


For the initial / main theme, I am thinking something

  • inspiring & relaxing

  • but un-orderly, strange & out of this world.

I want something slow passed that inspire curiosity about your environment, and encourage exploration.

I like how un-orderly and strange it feels the 10 or 20 seconds of this clip sound, but still musical. It almost sounds like a strange music creature cheering. Perhaps a sound a creature like the gigglers would make. Although I think those creates specifically are more whistle-y than I think what I want. Gigglers:

Current music in the game

Ben Sound - Relaxing

What I like about this is how slow, relaxing and uplifting it is.


Designed by Wilson Taylor

I like how un-orderly & music this is, it captures the 'out of this word' feeling I am going for.


The main theme would ideally be a combination of the above two.

Other Sound Tracks I love

I love how inspiring this is to go off on an adventure. It perhaps is too uplifting for this game

I personally find this even more inspiriting to go adventure too, however that is probably part nostalgia. I love how this is not as bubbly feeling as LOTR. Perhaps a little too epic though. I LOVE the themes for Edler Scrolls |||, |V & V. But Morrowinds main theme is my fav

Adventure Time Swords


Of course, equipment will be excellent when I get to that. Feel free to share some inspiration now, I am very much looking forawrd to making something inspired by the battle moon!

Infinity Train

The show Infinity Train has come up numerous times in the community discord chat.

Which I have now started watching, and it is such a great reference for what I am doing, so thank you all! I especially love how the trains can be entire other worlds, and the train doors are basically portals. - Which is something I have plenty of experience with​. So that is going to be fun, when I get time!

It has some great

  • Puzzles

  • World Carriages

  • Short Stories

VR Dungeon Crawlers

  • Procedural Generation

  • Magic

  • Looting

  • Weapons

  • Combat

  • Minecraft Artstyle. 2D Graphics

Inspirations sourced with help from

Dan Mizu